"I am a center in the Divine Mind, a point of God-conscious life, truth and action.  My affairs are divinely guided and guarded into right action, into correct results.  Everything I do, say or think is stimulated by the Truth.


There is power in this word that I speak, because it is of the Truth and it is the Truth.  There is a perfect and continuous right action in my life and my affairs.


All belief in wrong action is dispelled and made negative.  Right action alone HAS POWER and right action IS POWER, and POWER IS GOD, the Living Spirit Almighty.


The Spirit animates everything that I do, say or think.  Ideas come to me daily and these ideas are divine ideas.  They direct me and sustain me without effort. I am continuously directed.  I am compelled to DO the right thing at the right time, to SAY the right word at the right time, to FOLLOW the right course at all times.


All suggestion of age, poverty, limitation or unhappiness is uprooted from my mind and CANNOT gain entrance to my thought.  I am HAPPY, WELL and FILLED with Perfect Life.  I live in the Spirit of Truth and am conscious that the Spirit of Truth lives in me.


My WORD is the law unto its own manifestation and WILL bring to me or CAUSE me to be brought to its fulfillment.  There is NO unbelief, NO doubt, NO uncertainty.


I know and I know that I know.  Let every thought of doubt vanish from my mind that I may KNOW the Truth and the Truth may make me free.”  And So It Is! - Science Of Mind

The Power of Prayer


We, the Ministry of Prayer are composed of ministers and practitioners.  We take your prayer request and we bring in the Light of Truth to clear all obstacles of the seeming conditions or challenges.  The following are demonstrations (prayers answered) that have been reported to the Ministry of Prayer.

  • More time for self-care manifested
  • Successful house sale, higher than asking price.
  • Harmony restored in a work environment.
  • Demonstration of three times the amount needed for a financial obligation.
  • A new love relationship manifested.
  • Successful recovery from pneumonia
  • Harmony restored in a work.
  • Demonstration of three times the amount needed for a financial obligation.



And these are just a few that were reported for 2018 so far!

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