Monthly Message from our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Liz Crisostomo

October 2017


Just as Nature is slowing down in the Fall Season, taking its deep inhalation, we also slow down to cultivate this sense of awe and wonder in our lives. We pause, unplug and reflect on what matters; loving yourself, loving the world, being kind and compassionate with yourself and practicing gratitude.


It is important to realize that your environment holds you and holds your place of consciousness.  This is that ideal time to create a personal sacred space of peace, harmony and reverence in your home or your office.


Find a peaceful and uncluttered area in your home.  Sacred spaces should be places that allow you to relax and unwind.  That space should be reserved for prayer, meditation or private reflection. Set your intention before creating your space.  What are you seeking to add to your life by setting this space apart in your home?  What do you hope to do in this space?  Do you want to remember to honor the Divine within you and all around you?


Then bring in those objects that have meaning for you.  You can have your vision board, postcards, travel souvenirs, plants, devotional statues, divination tools, inspirational books, prayer beads, candles and place your journal in this space.  You can create it any way you want and take time to reflect on the meaning of each of the sacred objects in your space.


Oprah’s meditation space has just 3 candles and a few inspirational books.  If you are using an altar of some kind of elevated space, you can drape it with colorful fabrics that change to reflect the season.


Your sacred space in your home can be your ‘spiritual center’ where you can focus on being your highest self and spend a few minutes each day in your ‘spiritual center’.  Reflect, contemplate and practice gratitude and appreciation for your life.  This is your appointed meeting space with the Divine.


Try to spend time in your space every day, whether it’s for 10 seconds before you rush out the door in the morning or for a relaxed 20 minute meditation.


Invoke the Sacred by lighting a candle with intention and reverence.  Play soothing music.  Breathe deeply – releasing the stresses of the day and replenishing your spirit.


And with each new season, find more things to place here and clear out things that aren’t useful to you anymore and create new rituals and intentions for it as your own spiritual practice grows.

Enjoy creating your sacred space!


Much Love & Blessings,

Rev. Liz


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