Monthly Message from our Spiritual Leader, Rev. Liz Crisostomo

February 2018



February is the month of love.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 and we show our love to our partner on this special day.  We see the symbol of love in the heart-shape boxes of chocolates, heart shape candies, chocolate covered strawberries, flowers and cards.   Love is everywhere we look.  With all these reminders of Valentine’s Day this month and if you still forget to show your love to that special someone in your life, then you must be walking around this planet with blinders on.


But love should be shown everyday of the year and not just this month. I love this month of the year because it reminds us that we are created out of love, for love.  We begin with loving ourselves, loving the Divine within and then we can expand from there and give that love outward.


For the month of love here in our Spiritual home, we show love and appreciation to our volunteers.  We pause from the busyness of our lives and we say ‘thank you’ to those volunteers who volunteer their time and talent to serve.  Every Sunday morning, we come here and everything is all set and ready for you to enjoy the meditation, Sunday service and the food and fellowship afterwards.


These things do not magically appear by themselves, they magically appear through the efforts of our wonderful volunteers.  I believe that the volunteers are the glue that keeps us together so we can grow, thrive and come together as a community.


So, to the wonderful volunteers here at the Center for Spiritual Living Beaumont, I thank you for all that you do and all that you are!


Much Love & Light,

Rev. Liz


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