Past Services

This page contains the last four services!  If you miss a week, the service will be posted by the next Tuesday at 12:00p.m.


2/28/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Belief, Faith & Prayer"
2/11/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Spirituality and Religion"
2/4/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "The Mind Within You"
1/28/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Thinking Affirmatively"
1/21/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Let God Do It"
1/14/18:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "How To Use the Powerful Good"
1/7/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life"
12/31/17:Neil Haner- "New Beginnings"
12/17/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "The Celebration Of Light: Celebrating the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Kwanza"
12/10/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "A Life of Character"
12/3/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Wandering Off Your Path"
11/26/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Money Is God In Action"
11/19/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "The Grateful Heart"
11/12/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "To Reverse Financial Adversity"
10/29/17:Corliss Serber, RScP- "The Love That Lives Within"
10/22/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "The Perfect Relationship"
10/15/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Fear Of Intimacy"
10/8/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Undefended Love"
10/1/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "We Belong To Each Other"
9/24/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "You Can Change The World"
9/17/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Choosing Where To Give"
9/10/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Your Life Is Not For You"
9/3/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "It's All About Me"
8/27/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Being Kind In A Cruel World"
8/13/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Accepting What Is"
8/6/17:Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Compassion in Action"
7/30/17: Jeanie Carter, RScP- "The Art of Inclusion"
7/23/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Honoring Our Differences"
7/16/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "Prejudices and Sins"
7/9/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "From Racism to Gracism"
7/2/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo- "The Multicultural America"
6/25/17: Corliss Server, RScP- "Aligning Your Values With Your Actions"
5/21/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spark-From Action to Insight"
5/14/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Dare - Fear to Courage"
4/23/17: Neil Haner, RScP - "Dealing With Conditions"
4/16/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Easter: The Science of Christ"
4/9/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "The Science of the Absolute"
4/2/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "99 Years of Private Lessons"
3/26/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Aging as a Spiritual Practice"
3/19/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Vulnerability: Strength or Weakness?"
3/12/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Webs and Boxes"
3/5/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Reachable and Teachable"
2/26/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Active Listening"
2/19/17: Rev. Robert Wilson - "Things Are Not What They Seem"
2/12/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "God Works Through Our Wounds"
2/5/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "To Be Human is to Embody Paradox"
1/29/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spiritual Living: How To Use It"
1/22/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spiritual Living: What It Does"
1/15/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spiritual Living: The Way It Works"
1/8/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spiritual Living: The Thing Itself"
1/1/17: Rev. Liz Crisostomo - "Spiritual Living: Happy 2017"

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