The CSLB Board of Trustees

Dorothy Cole   Neil Haner   Rev. Liz Crisostomo

Donna McNeese-Smith   Lee Moses   Ron Forney   Bill Soady  Betty Ann James

President – Dorothy Cole is the President of our Board of Trustees. The gifts she brings are her business background, her attention to detail, as well as high consciousness.

Vice President - William (Bill) Soady is a seasoned board member.  He has served variously on the board, on the selection committee to hire Rev. Liz Crisostomo, has served as the treasurer, and more.  His dedication to any task is well-documented and much appreciated.

Secretary – Ron Forney With 33 years educational experience, and more than 40 years experience in SOM principles, Ron Forney brings an excellence and experience to the board.  He is renewing his license to practice as a practitioner.

Treasurer – Donna McNeese-Smith is our current Treasurer. She has prior experience in the post and has years of nursing experience to call upon for a calm and even composure.

Trustee – Betty Ann James is a wonderful personality, and always willing to lend a helping hand.  She is a retired teacher who still teaches anyone who’s willing.

Trustee – Lee Moses has been a Trustee in the distant past and is a source of history for our board. She brings her gift of wisdom and grace.

Trustee - Our newest practitioner, Neil Haner is also our newest Trustee.  He is a elementary school teacher, and is currently workiing on his Masters in Eduction.

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